prova java

select.onchange = setWeather;

function setWeather() { const choice = select.value;

if(choice === 'sunny') { para.textContent = 'It is nice and sunny outside today. Wear shorts! Go to the beach, or the park, and get an ice cream.'; } else if(choice === 'rainy') { para.textContent = 'Rain is falling outside; take a rain coat and a brolly, and don\'t stay out for too long.'; } else if(choice === 'snowing') { para.textContent = 'The snow is coming down — it is freezing! Best to stay in with a cup of hot chocolate, or go build a snowman.'; } else if(choice === 'overcast') { para.textContent = 'It isn\'t raining, but the sky is grey and gloomy; it could turn any minute, so take a rain coat just in case.'; } else { para.textContent = ''; } }